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Hi….thank you for joining us to find out more information about our


If you need more ‘Clarity’ – Certainty – and a sense of deep Contentment, you have come to the right place.

OUR unique PROGRAM is extremely effective for setting you on the road of recovery from Stress, Fatigue, burnout, strained relationships, and confusion.

There is indeed an opportunity to make a change in the world as things are starting to change – we need to be more in harmony with ourselves, so we can create a world that lives from it’s heart, and not its head…

We would like to introduce ourselves - we are Lyn and Graham – our focus is on Relaxation – the antidote to STRESS and UNCERTAINTY. So what does CERTAINTY feel like? It’s a great relief to be able to feel certainty, a glimpse of this can be immense.

Our own journey has had to include the resolution of managing stress, and we have developed our UNIQUE VIP Diamond Edge ‘STRESS LESS MORE SUCCESS’ Mentoring Program 

Created from our own experiences, where we have found an effective resolution, and ensure you receive and embody the effective ways and details of how to apply this to your own life!

When mindfulness or meditation may well take a little longer to achieve. The importance of addressing the levels of STRESS, is going to be advantageous right now.

Call us for an initial  confidential consultation.

”Give yourself some space right now, and book your call”


Lyn and Graham  are not only Co-business owners and CEO’s   and creators of  Neutral Space Relaxation®, they are also Relaxation Bodywork Practitioners and Facilitators and Trainers.

Lyn and Graham formed their successful Training and Education Company in 2011, and have been training Relaxation courses to individuals, groups, including Bespoke Corporate Courses over that time.

We’ve been married for more than 40 years, and are delighted to have the opportunity share our gained wisdom, knowledge, and experience together, with those who feel drawn to work with us to create a stress free, anxiety, worry free life, through being able to be totally relaxed.

Through  Neutral Space Relaxation®  Lyn and Graham have trained many Practitioners in the techniques of Relaxation, we offer  Coaching, Mentoring, Bespoke Training, Bodywork Relaxation Sessions, and 3 -5 day Retreats.

Our speciality is to effect a  ‘state change’  – one that is lasting and effective, with far reaching effects of tranquillity and serenity which can be very much ‘a lost art’ in modern society, and chaotic times!

If you would like to work with us to create a  ‘State Change’  for yourself in your life right now - to one of personal transformation, don’t waste a minute!  

You might like to choose get in touch with us right now!

Lyn and Graham Whiteman

01297 647888

Stress Less More Success Authors, Lyn and Graham Whiteman Relaxing in the countryside.

Definitely empowers people to reach relaxation and balance of physical, emotional and mental ‘bodies’

MV London

What a wonderful 3 days – enjoyable – but also such a benefit to my mind body and spirit, Thank you to all especially Lyn and Graham.

MV London

Things our existing clients have said about the 3 days with us:

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