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OUR unique PROGRAM is extremely effective for setting you on the road of recovery from Stress, Fatigue, burnout, strained relationships, and confusion.

We are committed to work with you on a 1 2 1 or 2 2 2 basis, at a luxurious location, for a 3 Day intensive.

On our unique 3 DAY intensive we work with you / and your spouse/partner with Coaching, Mentoring/ understandings and our unique bodywork sequence that allows you to address stress and uncertainty in a very short space of time. Being with us for 3 days will turn things around, create a deeper level of peace and tranquillity, and give you the leading edge of being so your life flows beautifully for you.

Come on your own, or bring your loved one with you!

‘When mindfulness or meditation may well take a little longer to achieve’.   ”Talk to us now”

Anything one does to address the STRESS is good.

If you are interested in having a Confidential conversation about your Coaching /VIP /Mentoring requirements and working with us, please get in touch and lets talk about how we can make a significant difference in your life within 3 days!

100% Money back Guarantee for our fees within the Mentoring Programme, if you are not totally happy with the 3 days.

“Talk to us now”

You would be required to accommodate yourselves and us for 3 days in a luxury setting, either a hotel or a Retreat setting. You would be required to see to your own travel arrangements, and be refreshed before we commence the 3 days Program.

You would need to be committed to the program which would be in place from 10-5pm daily for 3 days of  Personal Transformation.

Further days of integration or additional days are available by arrangement, with ongoing support for the following year - for an agreed additional fee.

Your 3 days with us will be totally confidential, and only with your express permission or your specific agreement to share any part of the benefits you receive, and which you may well wish to share your coments in a brief testimonial.

There is an underpinning deep level of philosophy within this work that is so simple when you hear it you will know it for yourself.

                                                                     “Talk to us now”

We believe our services are second to none, and all of our clients have transformed in only 3 days with us working with coaching, mentoring and bodywork sessions – the bodywork is gentle and nurturing, fully clothed on a massage couch.

Lyn and Graham are not only Co-business owners and CEO’s  and creators of Neutral Space Relaxation, they are also Relaxation Bodywork Practitioners and Facilitators. Having formed their successful Training and Education Company back in UK in 2011.

We have trained many Practitioners of Relaxation, they offer coaching, mentoring, bodyworks sessions and Retreats. Their speciality is to effect a ‘state change’ – one that is lasting and effective, with far reaching effects of tranquillity and serenity which is very much a lost art in society in these chaotic times!

Lyn and Graham Whiteman

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