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Stress Less and Relax

How Stress Affects the Body.

Your emotional and physical reactions to stress are partly determined by the sensitivity of your sympathetic nervous system. This system produces the fight or flight reaction in response to stress and excitement, speeding up and heightening the pulse rate, respiration, muscle tension, glandular function, and circulation of the blood.

If you have recurrent anxiety symptoms, either major or minor lifestyle and emotional upsets may cause an overreaction of your sympathetic system.

To Stress Less is important, if you have an especially stressful life, your sympathetic nervous system may always be poised to react to a crisis, putting you in a state of constant tension. In this mode, you tend to react to small stresses the same way you would react to real emergencies.

The energy that accumulates in the body to meet this "emergency" must be discharged in order to bring your body back into balance, being able to be Stress Less and Relaxed again. Repeated episodes of the fight or flight reaction deplete energy reserves and, if they continue, cause a downward spiral that can lead to emotional burnout and eventually complete exhaustion.

The normal limited way to approach and break this spiral is by learning to manage stress in a way that protects and even increases your energy levels.  

Through the Stress Less approach we offer a way for you to experience balance in an effortless way, which allows you to know that place of peace and calm, and take it forward into everyday life situations.

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Stress Less Relaxation is our field of Knowledge, we have developed strategies and life management pathways that will change your life by you knowing how to stay in balance.

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